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Freight Broker 101

Materials Kit ONLY 



Exodus Dispatching and Training

Freight Broker Training

Welcome to Exodus Dispatching and Training, America’s #1 choice for Dispatcher and Freight Broker training for Beginners. We offer a comprehensive Freight Broker 101 Materials Kit for just $199. This kit is an excellent resource for freight broker or agent training.

How do Freight Brokers Earn Money


Freight brokers make money through a variety of means. One of the primary ways is through the spread or margin, which is the difference between the bid and ask price in a quote. This difference is the broker's commission on each shipment.


In addition to the spread, freight brokers may charge other fees. These include accessorials-type fees passed to the customer, and other service-related fees.

Start Your Journey with Our Freight Broker 101 Starter Kit

Freight Broker 101

Our Freight Broker 101 starter kit includes all the necessary materials for kick-starting your journey in the freight brokerage industry. 


The kit contains copies of essential forms like the OP-1 (Application for Motor Property Carrier and Broker Authority) and MCS-150 (USDOT application). It also has copies of BMC-84 (Surety Bond), BMC-85 (Trust Fund), and BOC-3 Designation of Process Server.


We provide you with a copy of the UCR Agreement (Unified Carrier Registration - Brokers need this, too) and a Certificate of Insurance - C.O.I. 


Our kit includes valuable resources such as Freight Broker Factoring Companies, TMS Software, Sales Strategies, Freight Scripts, Sample Shipper Scripts, Sales Calls, and Email Scripts.


The Freight Broker 101 Materials Kit also features practical templates such as a Broker/Shipper agreement, Sample Load Tender, Broker/Carrier agreement, Sample Rate Confirmation, and Sample Bill of Lading (BOL). 


We even include a guide on "How Do Brokers Make Money?" and a Freight Broker 101 eBook to deepen your understanding of the industry.


Lastly, our kit provides a National Shipper's Contact List - 2022, a process guide for Booking Load from a Broker Perspective, and a Shipper's Database for 2020. 


This kit is ideal for individuals who either do not need to enroll in our Freight Broker 101 Live Training or need help to afford to enroll but still want a solid start.

Freight Broker 101 Training Materials ONLY include:

1.   copy of OP-1 Form (PDF - Application for Motor Property Carrier and Broker Authority)
2.   copy of MCS-150 Form (PDF - USDOT application)
3.   copy of BMC-84 (Surety Bond)
4.   copy of BMC-85 (Trust Fund)
5.   copy of BOC-3 Designation of Process Server
6.   copy of UCR Agreement (Unified Carrier Registration - Brokers need this too)
7.   copy of Certificate of Insurance - C.O.I
8.   Freight Broker Factoring Companies
9.   Freight Broker TMS Software
10. Freight Broker Sales Strategies
11. Freight Scripts
12. Sample Shipper Scripts
13. Freight Broker Sales Calls
14. Freight Broker Email Scripts
15. Freight Broker Qualifying Questions
16. copy of Broker/Shipper agreement (template)
17. Sample
Load Tender
18. copy of Broker/Carrier agreement (template)
19. Sample Rate Confirmation
20. Sample Bill of Lading (BOL)
21. How Do Brokers Make Money?
22. Shipper Won't Work With Me?

23. Freight Broker 101 eBook
24. Freight Broker 101 Glossary
25. National Shipper's Contact List - 2021
26. Process of Booking Load from Broker Perspective

27. Shipper's Database for 2020

Enrich Your Freight Broker Agent Training


Enrich your freight broker agent training with our Freight Broker 101 Materials Kit. Start your journey in the freight brokerage industry!

 NOTE:   This Freight Broker 101 Materials ONLY Kit is for those individuals who either do not need to completely enroll into our Freight Broker 101 Live Training, or cannot afford to enroll but still need a kick start somehow! If you would like to purchase the Live ONGOING Training Courseyou may request a voucher equal to what you paid for the Materials ONLY Kit to reduce the cost of the Live ONGOING Course Training!

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