Freight Broker 101

Materials Kit ONLY 



Freight Broker 101 Training Materials ONLY include:

1.  copy of OP-1 Form (PDF - Application for Motor Property Carrier and Broker Authority)
2.  copy of MCS-150 Form (PDF - USDOT application)
3.  copy of BMC-84 (Surety Bond)
4.  copy of BMC-85 (Trust Fund)
5.  UCR Agreement (Unified Carrier Registration - Brokers need this too)
6.  copy of Certificate of Insurance - C.O.I
7.  copy of Broker/Shipper agreement (template)
8.  copy of Broker/Carrier agreement (template)
9.  Sample Load Tender
10. Sample Rate Confirmation
11.  Sample Bill of Lading (BOL)
12. Two(2) Freight Broker 101 eBooks
13. Shipper's Database for 2020

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 NOTE:   This Freight Broker 101 Materials ONLY Kit is for those individuals who either do not need to completely enroll into our Freight Broker 101 Live Training, or cannot afford to enroll but still need a kick start somehow! If you would like to purchase the Live ONGOING Training Courseyou may request a voucher equal to what you paid for the Materials ONLY Kit to reduce the cost of the Live ONGOING Course Training!