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Dispatcher 101 eBook  $49.99

Get 2 other eBooks for FREE! (3 for 1)


Exodus Dispatcher 101 Glossary $69.99

Get all 3 eBooks for

FREE! (4 for 1)

Basic terms of dispatching to assist the beginner dispatcher

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Freight Broker 101 eBook $59.99

basic instruction on how to become a freight broker/freight agent

You can also purchase each individual item as needed. 

Semi-Truck on Overpass

Dispatcher 101 eBook  $34.99

Covers the whole process of booking a load from start to finish

Truck Wash

How Much Money You Need To Move Your Truck $24.99

 The first installment in the eBook series that covers the basic terms and concepts


Level 2, Rate Cons 


covers in-depth discussion of carrier packets and rate cons




glossary of dispatcher terms

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