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Start a Career in Transportation Without:​

- Having a CDL!   

- Owning a Truck!   

- Or Any Experience!

Here’s What You're Getting

Get Started

Everything you need to make a great living in transportation with almost any smartphone, laptop,
and WIFI connection... 

absolutely everything, from the paperwork to getting paid!

Get Trained

At least a couple times a month our experts will personally work with you on what to say on the
phones and in person to close deals at a profit.

live examples, role playing,
scripts, and 1-on-1's.

Get Paid

Plus we’ll show you how to go from getting paid one way to getting paid multiple ways in
basically the same amount of time...

acquire more streams of income, plus receive higher
fees and still without leaving your home.

The long road
Get Started Now

Get Started Here

Choose A Direction

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Happy truck driver

To get

Dispatcher 101 

Red Truck

To get

Freight Broker 101

Truck driver thinking happily

To get


Exodus Dispatching

Go From Having A Boss, To Becoming One!

See what other's are saying...


Great session! I hope to be joining the Dispatcher 101 training and becoming a dispatcher very soon. Thank you so much!!! Blessings.

- Rose Laury

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