Dispatcher 101 & Freight Broker 101 Training

Start a Career in Trucking Without

a Truck, Experience or a CDL!

Here’s What You're Getting
We Promise You'll Learn How To...

Get Started

Everything you need to to make a great living in trucking with almost any smartphone, laptop,
and WIFI connection... 

absolutely everything, from the paperwork to getting paid!

Get Good

At least a couple times a month our experts will personally work with you on what to say on the
phones and in person to close deals at a profit yielding price...

live examples, role playing,
scripts, and one on ones.

Get Rich

Plus we’ll show you how to go from getting paid one way to getting paid multiple ways in
basically the same amount of time...

acquire more streams of income, plus receive higher
fees and still without leaving your home.

Transportation is a MULTI-TRILLION DOLLAR a year industry...
and you can make a great living in trucking without buying a truck,
getting a CDL, or spending all day on the road.  
This is your chance to start an exciting career right from home,
and the best part? No experience necessary

Let's Get Started!


To get

Dispatcher 101 


To get

Freight Broker 101


To get


How does it work? 


Step One

Attend one of our
Dispatcher 101 or Freight Broker 101 1-hour, 1-day Online Seminars 


We are going to tell you step by step everything you need to know to get started in the transportation business as a Broker or a Dispatcher. What you need to get started, What to do first, How to find Drivers to work with, And How to make your money.

We’ll include a “What You Say To Drivers” template. Which helps you stand out, get noticed and expand your team.


Step Two

Complete our Dispatcher 101 or Freight Broker 101 Live Online Training Course

Everything you need to get started in the transportation industry!
This includes Online Training Modules covering the Basics of Freight Dispatching and Brokering, Live training with the pros, 3 FREE eBooks, a Members Only Back Office with Recorded Training Videos, Tools, Resources, Forms, Documents,
and much more!


Step Three

Start Your Business or Get Even More Training 

Hundreds of people took this information and got started almost overnight. However, we don’t all learn the same. Because of that we offer  “Consultations” in Freight Brokering or Dispatching.

Students and Prospects use our “Consultations” when they want to make sure they are maximizing their money, effectively using their time and to ensure they aren’t doing anything that would stop them from being successful.

Does this really work? 
Truck and Warehouse

We’ve helped hundreds of hard working people just like you...leave jobs they hate, live the life of their dreams, and do it for less than $1000.

Go From Having A Boss, To Being A Boss

See what other's are saying...


Great session! I hope to be joining the Dispatcher 101 training and becoming a dispatcher very soon. Thank you so much!!! Blessings.

- Rose Laury


It's This Simple


You don’t need to wait 7 weeks to six months to get your CDL

You don’t need to save thousands of dollars to put down on a truck

You don’t even need to leave your house

All you need to do is

...Sign up. 


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