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Start Making Money In Less Than 6 Weeks

Expensive CDL courses and even more expensive 18 Wheelers are useless without a dispatcher getting them their routes. 

We'll show you how to make a great living without going into debt.


6 Reasons To Be A Dispatcher


You don't need a CDL to make money. 

You don't even need a driver's license.


You don't need good credit or a down payment for a truck.


No long hours on the road or wasted hours stuck in traffic.


No chance of getting hurt loading or unloading freight from your truck.


You can work from anywhere. Your house, a local coffee shop or by the pool.


All you need is a laptop. You don't even need your own Wi-Fi.

They Need You.

Our students have used the

Dispatching 101 Training Program to:


Reverse out of debt

Spend more time with family and loved ones

 Buy new cars and houses

Quit jobs they hated

Here's your chance to do the same.


Still Not Sure?

Get More Details
In Our

1 Day Dispatcher Seminar Training



Starter Kit -
Materials Only 



Dispatcher 101 Ongoing Training


 *NOTE:   Upon completion of the seminar, collect your FREE GIFT, a voucher for $199 towards the Dispatcher 101 ONGOING Training.

 **NOTE:   This Dispatcher 101 Materials ONLY is for those individuals who either do not need to completely enroll into our Dispatcher 101 Ongoing Training, or cannot afford to enroll but still need a kick start. If you would like to purchase the Dispatcher 101 Ongoing Training Course, you may request a voucher equal to what you paid for the materials kit to reduce the cost of the live training.

Still have questions?

Here's what people are saying...

Listen y’all this man is giving away so much free game! I have looked back on his channel and got free what I paid $500 for. Y’all please just pay and take his course. Imagine what you get when you pay for his courses! I give him my blessings

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