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Register for our Freight Broker 101 Training for Beginners Live Online Training Seminar - $299 (1-day, 2 hour training) - Every 2nd and 4th week LIVE of each month on Tuesdays at 6 pm EST


1.  Broker Requirements
2.  All About Shippers
3.  All About Carriers
4.  Packet Types
5.  TMS Systems

6.  Booking Loads
7.   Free Book
8.  Other Training Materials
9.  Plus Much, Much More!


NOTE:  If after completing SEMINAR Training you decide you want to ROLLOVER into our ONGOING Training, what you paid for the SEMINAR can be DEDUCTED from the cost of the ONGOING Training by click the "Request A Voucher" button at the bottom of the SEMINAR purchase page!

Freight Broker 101 Seminar Training - 1 Day, 2 Hour, Tuesdays at 6 pm EST

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