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Website Design




Did you know that Exodus Logistics Learning Center now offers special WEBSITE DESIGN built on the Wix.com platform?


Exodus Logistics Learning Center will be offering assistance to Independent Freight Dispatchers business owners who are ready to have a professional-looking website for their business.


Before deciding on a professional website design, please review the following WEBSITE PRE-FLIGHT CHECKLIST and then you will be able to make an informed decision:

  • Company information, including name, address, phone, and e-mail.

  • The primary goal of your business (what you sell or service you provide).

  • A description of your business in 25 words or less.

  • Your branding slogan.

  • The main domain name for your website.

  • What would you expect if you were one of your potential customers?

  • The goals of your website (sell product online, generate leads, and so on).

  • Whether visitors ever need to print pages from your site.

  • Whether you will supply photos, or whether the designer should include photos in the quote?

  • Whether you will supply content, or whether the designer should include copy writing in the quote?

  • What is your logo for the website?

  • Whether you already have an Internet-capable merchant account (PayPal or Square)?


Pricing point is $499.99 for initial setup, design, support and maintenance for 1st month and $99.99 per month for training and support for each additional month.


NOTE:  You will need to have set up your Wix.com account and provide back office admin access for us to work on it.

NOTE: $499 for the first

month, then $99.99 per

month for added support