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4-Month Payment Plan


*No Refunds, if you'd like to start a payment plan with us, please be committed to paying for the 4 months of payments.

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Basic SEO Plan

Month One

  • Start-date branded ranking report

  • SEO crawl audit

  • Unbranded one-page crawl report detailing the number of SEO crawl issues

  • Fixing all SEO crawl errors

  • Keyword research to find the best 5 related local-based keywords/phrases to target

  • On-page optimization on maximum of 5 pages

  • Google My Business account creation and setup (if not already done)

  • Google My Business listing optimization

  • Google Analytics setup (if not already done)

  • Google Search Console setup (if not already done)

  • Branded automated monthly SEO update report setup (scheduled to be sent to you on the 1st. of each month)

From Month Two Onwards

  • Crawl error monitoring and fixing

  • Brand reputation monitoring

  • 1 x Google post: Written, optimized, and published.

  • 1 x Blog post: Written, optimized, and published.

  • On-page SEO of up to 3 additional pages per month

  • 10 x Manual citation submissions