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Did you know that Exodus Dispatching and Training now offers special invoice factoring rates?


Exodus Dispatching and Training has partnered with Interstate Capital, a Triumph company North America’s leading factoring company to offer our clients special low rates on invoice factoring. The exclusive Invoice Factoring Program provides high advances to both speed up your cash flow and put you on the road for growth and increased profitability.


Invoice factoring is a tried-and-true way to turn the funds that are sitting in your stack of accounts receivable into cash in your pocket now.  Applying is simple and fast – many clients can receive their first funding 24 hours after they’ve completed their paperwork.

The Factoring Program provides a spectrum of benefits:

  • Stay ahead of your bills with FULL advance rates and low factoring fees!

  • Get paid for your invoices in 24 hours, not in 30, 45, or even 60 days.

  • Apply your funds toward your equipment loans and lease payments.

  • Use your upfront cash to cover payroll, fuel, insurance, taxes, and more!

  • Save money with fuel discount cards at ALL major Truck Stops & $40 per tire discounts!

  • Same day deposits!

  • Simplify bookkeeping with 24/7 online access to payment history and paperwork.

  • Protect yourself against loss with in-house credit and collection professionals. Collection and credit check reports instantly with 24/7 online access!

  • Use the hours you used to spend collecting for what you do best: running your business!

  • Work with an experienced factoring expert as your single point of contact!

  • FREE application!

We invite you to learn more about the Invoice Factoring Program by clicking here to receive a complimentary factoring rate quote for your company.