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Imur Johnson

Listen y’all this man is giving away so much free game! I have looked back on his channel and got free what I paid $500 for. Y’all please just pay and take his course. Imagine what you get when you pay for his courses! I give him my blessings

Rose Laury

Great session! I hope to be joining the Dispatcher 101 training and becoming a dispatcher very soon. Thank you so much!!! Blessings.

Barbara Anderson

I didn't take Charles class but, I wish I had taken it. I cant even find my instructor now and I took dispatching and the brokering class. I do know that he is very nice and will try and help everyone. I have left messages for him and he called me within an hour to give me the answer. I have never met Charles but just talking to him I know he want everyone to succeed. He is very patient and make sure he answer your question

Sarwan Singh

hey brother...May GOD bless you more and more.I am not saying this, my heart says this..You are a great man. No one shares such in-depth knowledge free. God bless you.

Allan Edwards

SOLD!!! Thank you for the great content. Your enthusiasm is very contagious. Looking forward to joining the group. Keep up the great work!

Shmeika Hall

I’ve watched several of your 101 seminars and I really appreciate how you expound on everything that you present. Although, I’ve been through a great, thorough training earlier this year, your content is a great refresher. Awesome content!

Nkasi Uchendu

 Please before reading this, I want you to know that I am being genuinely honest about my experience with Chas Muncy.  I know that he was not expecting me to write this about him because he likely feels that he is just doing his job, but he didn't know that he is changing lives.
There are so many independent dispatcher trainers on Youtube. I watched so many of them before I decided to go with Dispatcher 101 Training for Beginners. This is because the trainer Chas Muncy knows his job. There is no question you have as a new dispatcher that he doesn't answer to the tip. He will go way and beyond to set a zoom one on one with you if you are struggling. He has a calm demeanor that makes you feel that he is not out there just to grab your money to leave you stranded, he genuinely cares about your success. He has patience and listens attentively to your questions. He will call the carriers and brokers to give you ideas of some of the dialogs and terms that go between a dispatcher and a carrier/broker. He gives me confidence as a new dispatcher because I know that I can count on him through my journey of becoming an independent dispatcher. I will recommend him to anyone who want to become an independent dispatcher.

Carolyn Ramsey

And that is True. I am one of his students as well

Sheila George

I concur with everything said.  Awesome, above and beyond in everything he says, as well in what he is doing in teaching/ seminar.