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Dispatcher 101

Certificate Course


The Dispatcher 101 Certificate Course described here is a more CONDENSED, LESS EXPENSIVE VERSION of our 90-DAY Ongoing Training, with straightforward lessons, quizzes and a certificate of completion.  None of the other added benefits of the 90-DAY Training (such as access to LIVE ZOOM calls, Load Board access, form templates and documents) are included with this course. 

However, if after taking this course, you want to roll over into our 90-DAY Training, simply email us at or and we will invoice you the difference of the cost of this course from the cost of the 90-DAY Training, plus tax.  Thank you and good luck.

 NOTE:   If you would like to purchase the Dispatcher 101 - 90 DAY, Ongoing Training Course, you may request a voucher equal to what you paid for the this course to reduce the cost of the 90 DAY training.

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